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What is a retirement community?

The development will not be for care homes or sheltered accommodation, but rather for a retirement community. This allows active older people the freedom to own and manage their own home independently without the stress and anxiety that can be associated with owning a home in retirement.
What is a retirement community?

 Questions Answered

  • Where is the proposed development?
  • Why are you proposing to develop in Humberston? 

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Benefits to the community What particular opportunities do you think the proposed development offers to the community?
Ratio 100%
Ratio 76%
Ratio 69%
Ratio 76%
Ratio 34%
Ratio 65%

Date site last updated: 14/08/14

Humberston Avenue proposed Development

Welcome to the website for the proposed development on Humberston Avenue South.

This is the place to find out about the proposals, to keep up to date with news, and tell us what you think. The vision for the site is a development that enhances the community and is sustainable in all senses of the word. The proposed development will consist of 400 properties – a mixture of a retirement community, family homes and affordable homes.

The Croft - a new retirement community for Bourne

Friday, 9 December 2011
The Croft is an exclusive community development for those aged 55 and over in the heart of Bourne, a historic Lincolnshire market town.

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